A novel.
It’s 1980. Charlie Stern is a cynical 16-year-old whose father packed him off to boarding school when Charlie’s mother died four years ago.
When his best friend Wardo commits suicide, the school sends Charlie to Israel, where his father is doing some boring job out of a hotel. The only thing Charlie cares about is Wardo’s guitar and when he loses it, he’s determined to get it back. But Tel Aviv is a war zone. Terrorists plant bombs on buses and soldiers patrol the streets with Uzis. He needs help, but he can’t find anybody he can rely on. The only other kid his age in the hotel disappears whenever Charlie needs him, the lifeguard is running a poolside black market operation, and the front desk clerk might be a terrorist. Even his father’s boring job turns out to be a cover for a covert CIA operation.
Naïve and arrogant, Charlie stumbles into increasingly dangerous situations, ultimately carrying a bomb unwittingly into the hotel. When the blast almost kills him, he’s forced to confront the extent of his own responsibility, not just for the bomb, but for his messed-up relationship with his father and even Wardo’s suicide.
A novella.
Alex Jamiesson is a product photographer in LA who finds himself dissatisfied with all of his relationships –– with his girlfriend, with his career, and with the culture of consumption he’s helping to perpetuate. He gets a bug up his butt to see firsthand the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating in the middle of the ocean.
When he gets there, he plants a flag and claims sovereignty as a country.
A how-to book. Two, really.
I was single for a long time. Long enough to get tired of dating beautiful women, taking exotic vacations, and partying with other single, rich, powerful, good-looking guys. One day it occurred to me: What if there were a way to apply what I’m really good at (real estate) to what –– so far –– I pretty much sucked at (finding true love)?
Turns out, yep. Just about every single rule I advise my clients to follow in order to buy or sell a home applies perfectly to finding true love. Of course, I wouldn’t try to convince you to buy this book unless I knew it really worked and guess what. It does.
I tried it out on myself and wouldn’t you know it? I met Darby.
Buy this book. If you already know real estate, it’s going to be a revelation. And if you don’t, bonus! It’s going to be two revelations.
Spouse Hunting is much more than a book, though. It’s a whole world of resources. Click here to see what I’m talking about.
A supernatural thriller novel.
Her first day at college, Abby Ryan discovers that her deceased mother not only was in the “best” sorority on campus 18 years before, but was its president. The only way Abby can find out the truth is to join. But the sorority holds terrible secrets –– secrets that may end up destroying Abby the way they destroyed her mother.
This one’s not finished yet.
A short story collection.
It’s 1964 and seven people from different walks of life all end up at the same place. What forces brought each of them to this tropic port to board this tiny ship?
I’m still working on this one so no, you can’t read it yet.