One by one, residents of an island populated by psychics and mediums have gone missing. The mainland police chief suspects murder. It can’t be, though. If they were dead, surely the island’s clairvoyant residents would have heard from them.

On William Sterling’s last mission as a spy for the British Secret Service, he inadvertently comes across another aging secret agent who shares his exact identity. The two must overcome their mistrust of each other and work together to find out what’s going on before whoever is after them manages to kill them both.

After 14 years being held hostage by terrorists, William Sterling is set free. All he has to do is deliver a letter to the Pope. But when he sees his wife with another man, he blows out of there for a tropical paradise. Unfortunately for him, the President wants to show off a freed hostage, the Pope wants his letter, and the terrorists aren’t happy about him not holding up his end of the bargain.

First Prize, Winner Take All

Quarterfinalist, Cinestory

Honorable Mention, Final Draft Big Break

Third Prize, Scr(i)pt Magazine/Open Door

Finalist, Acclaim Film and Television

Semifinalist, American Accolades

Eight-year-old Danny is bullied by his “best friend” Tony and ignored by Cheryl, the girl he’s in love with. When Tony taunts him into playing a game of hide-and-seek, Danny hides so well that nobody finds him for 20 years. Danny finally comes out –– an eight-year-old kid in a 28-year-old’s body. And he’s going to have to grow up fast if he’s going to stop Cheryl from marrying Tony.


Every summer when the spoiled, rich college kids come down to the lake, Matt fantasizes about killing them. But this summer is different. This summer Matt meets Hank –– a “retired” slasher who misses the game…

Semifinalist, Chesterfield 

Film Writer’s Project

Second Runner-Up, The Next 

John Carpenter Movie

Finalist, AKA Shriekfest

Quarterfiinalist, Screenwriting Expo

Semifinalist , Nevada Film Office Screenwriters Competition

Finalist, Acclaim Film and Television


Finalist, The Hollywood Gateway/Studio Notes

Semifinalist, Winner Take All

Finalist, Scr(i)pt Magazine/Open Door

An animated TV special I wrote for King’s Hawaiian Bread –– the story of Halloween from a Hawaiian point of view.