You know me. I can’t keep my big mouth shut. I’ll blather on about anything, and that means my kids, cinema, real estate, and Portland.¬†Here are some of the more interesting (and least incendiary) things I’ve spewed.¬†

Why I'm Not Dead

An ongoing collection of the amazing, funny, and knuckle headed things my kids say and do.

Spouse Hunting Podcast

I had a notion that dating is just like real estate. Turns out I'm right. Or at least provocative.

Old Cars of Portland

Damn, this city is lousy with old cars! I've been photographing them since 2015.

Portland Neighborhoods

What makes one Portland neighborhood different from another? Well, I'm here to tell you.

Storytelling (Yarn. Get it?)

Every once in a while I'm invited to do a storytelling thing. I mean, by people other than my kids.

The 60-Second Director

Want to learn how to be a better director? It'll take about a minute.

Thoughts and Prayers

Things I'm thinking about. About as effective as Republican gun control measures.